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Cariboo Towing: 24 Hour Towing

Reliable Emergency Towing

Cariboo Towing has been serving Williams Lake and the surrounding areas since 1954. From your personal vehicle to large farm equipment, we provide both light and heavy duty towing services. Specializing in heavy duty towing in rural areas, we can tow your vehicle or equipment locally or even long distance. Contact us today for a tow 24 hours a day.


Heavy Duty Equipment

We have a variety of heavy duty towing equipment to get the job done right. For a careful tow, our vehicles are equipped with a wheel lift for damage-free towing. We have 3 large tandem wreckers, several large wreckers, and a 28 ft tandem tilt deck. Whether it’s across Williams Lake or to a surrounding town, we make sure your vehicle is well taken care of in all stages of transit.


ICBC & Private Insurance

For your convenience and peace of mind, Cariboo Towing accepts ICBC and private insurance claims.


Professional Associations & Certifications

ICBC & Private Insurance


Promotions & Special Offers

Cariboo Towing has been serving Williams Lake and surrounding areas since 1954. We mostly deal with heavy duty towing outside of the city in more rural areas. We assure all of our customers that we will carefully transport their vehicles.

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